Sunday, 28 August 2016

animal studies to broaden my visual library, done in ballpoint pen while also attempting to understand the form without too much detail.

a few days ago i made a schedule to practice animal anatomy, or drawing animals in general in attempts to broaden my visual library. the materials being used were simply a ballpoint pen. also as an incentive to use the rubber less and focus more on the marks i make.

here were this weeks results :) (apologies for the sub-par quality, still need to get a scanner....)

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


this blog has been empty for about, 3 years?

i actually had trouble remembering what the name of this blog is for the simply reason to reboot it.

as this is the first post since then i think the best would be me reintroducing myself from this 3 year gap that I have made, my name is Sandro Girardi. I've been drawing for a while now but I never quite knew what I wanted, since my childhood I've been drawing. I would draw in front of my T.V, using little Warhammer figurines as models basically. I would draw monsters, mech's, characters. or try at least, not all resulted in anything.

I'm 22 now, spent  few years in a fantastic academy filled with people with an incredible thirst for learning, this sparking a thirst which lay dormant within myself. once this thirst began I instantly thought of my blog I had left behind so many years ago. as I stated earlier, my aim was to reboot this and transform it into an excuse to document my learning. its an excuse for me to see i am improving and for others to see that it is possible.

now, having said this, ill start off slow, once a week. updating with what i have done throughout the week.